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How AXE THrowing Works

Axe throwing in Wisconsin Dells is a fun, safe activity for ages 10 years or older. Similar to darts, the goal is hit the wooden target and bullseye by throwing the axe overhead. The thrower stands about 10-12 feet behind a foul line and tries to throw their axe into the target. There is a max of 6 people per lane. The lane is where your group will take turns throwing.


If you aren't sure how to throw an axe, don't worry - we have axe-cellent coaches that will show you the ropes. Your coach will give you all the safety rules, the tips and tricks on how to best throw an axe and show you how to score if you want to make things competitive amongst your group. 


Safety First

Before you throw make sure -

  • You understand the best practices/tips of throwing axes from your coach.

  • There is no one between you and the target.

  • There is a minimum of a six feet around you that is clear of any other people.

Want to throw with a partner? The best option is to throw the axes together and retrieve the axes together if you have more than one lane with your group.

If you have any questions at all, your coach is available to help!


Again, don't worry about being an expert. Our coaches will share initial instructions on how axe throwing works, how to be safe and what options you have to throw. Then, your coach will work with each person 1-on-1 if you are interested in improving your skills.

When you throw an axe, you can choose to do it both hands (best for beginners) or a single hand/arm. Using both hands overhead can sort of feel like throwing a soccer ball. The goal is to bring your arms forward and release the axe at eye level.

Johanna W

"One of the coolest things about Asgard is the tailored experience and axe collection. Both coaches were knowledgeable about both ways of throwing an axe and knew how to make and suggest adjustments not just in the stance and throw, but the axe itself."

Unleash Your Inner


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